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prior to joining the chp he was a u.s. army reservist. youngstrom's family and friends have been coming by john muir medical center all day and into the evening. as you can see here, his family was escorted by officers this afternoon so they could be by his side. >> i have been speaking with officer youngstrom's family, and they have asked me to convey their thanks to their extended family and friends, the law enforcement and public safety community and the public for their support. >> a great individual. a super individual, a man of faith and support and encourage meant to those around him and his fail members, and just -- his family members and just hearing the stories that it goes along with the kind of guy that i know. >> we have seen a steady stream of officers in uniform. i am told someone will stay
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with youngstrom through the night, and he will never be alone. youngstrom's family have come from northern and southern california, and the chp told me awhile ago that they are having a very hard time right now and have asked for their privacy. the entire thing has shaken up not just law enforcement officials, but the public at large. in fact, while i have been standing out here for the past couple hours passersby have asked me how the officer is doing. will he recover and to please let his family know that he is in their prayers tonight. live in walnut creek, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> and that concern will mean a lot to the family. tonight we have learned new information about the moments after the shooting including the commuters who stopped and tried to provide medical treatment to the wounded officer. john alston is live at the field office in martinez. that's where officer youngstrom works. >> dan, it is quiet now, but
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officers on duty and off duty were pulling up and consoling each other while investigators from the county and the chp are trying to figure out what exactly happened. more than ten hours after the shooting the dead suspect's jeep was hauled away from the shoulder of 680 in alamo. sky 7hd was overhead as the crime scene was cleared. investigators from the contra costa county department are working on a time line on the traffic stop that ended in gunfire. >> we do have dsh cam video we will analyze to see exactly what happened. >> they are also talking to witnesses including one man who pulled over immediately after the shooting and called 9-1-1. that man's boss tells abc7 news he spoke to his employee who said another woman wearing medical scrubs also stopped and gave emergency treatment to officer youngstrom as he lay on the freeway. he told his boss he heard five to 10 shots and then a second chp was behind the jeep wrangler.
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>> the second officer did fire his weapon at the driver. the driver was taken to john muir medical center. he is deceased. >> the witness told his boss the gunman was buckled in his seatbelt. this started with a traffic stop on 680 south. the aftermath is captured on radio communications between the dispatcher and a responding officer. >> nobody else is 1097 yet. >> 10-4. the description of the subject, suspect or anything like that. >> negative. he just said officer was down. have i been trying to call and no response. >> i-680 was closed for much of the day leading to massive traffic jams in and around walnut creek as police turned the freeway into a temporary crime lab. one of the unanswered questions is why one of the chp cars was in front of the suspect's jeep and not behind the vehicle they stop. >> that's something we are taking a close look at. i will not address exactly the
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procedures a the this time. >> police have not said why the officer pulled over that car in the first place. at his home base the officers have been keeping a vigil. in martinez, abc7 news. >> john, thank you. police are not releasing the identity of the gunman, but we know who the vehicle the officer stopped on 680 this morning is registered to. abc7 news reporter alan wang is in the newsroom with what he has been able to dig up. alan? >> we found out the jeep is registered to a 36-year-old man whose last known residence is in sausalito. we took a drive to sausalito where the current tenant says the man moved out last year. she said two police investigators came by to question her about the former tenant. the owner of the duplex says she spoke to police as well. we also tracked down the man's father who is living in alaska. we tracked to him -- we talked to him on the phone.
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he is aware of the officer-involved shooting and the contra costa county sheriff's department contacted him, urging him that he and his wife fly to the bay area and meet with them. the father said investigators would not tell them what happened to his son, only that they needed to talk to them immediately. the father tells us his son has a master's degree in computer science from san francisco state university. he has been a software developer for several companies and he had been living in sausalito. but they have not spoken or heard from him in more than a year. around the same time the landlord says he moved out. >> again, police are not identifying the suspect tonight, but a man whose son is registered as the owner of the jeep tells us he is being asked to fly to the bay area and talk to investigators. the father told me he knows it is a long shot, but he is hoping his son was not the driver of that jeep. dan? >> alan, thanks. more on this will come in the next day or two. word spread quickly throughout the bay area law enforcement
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community. greg sur could have been speaking for all of them at a previously scheduled briefing this afternoon. listen. >> before we start obviously the chp officer is fighting for his life across the bay and certainly all of us in the san francisco police department have him squarely in our hearts and prayers as well as the other chp officers and the other officers that are out there. it clearly indicates what could happen any day. >> one of the bits of fallout from this shooting today was just gridlock on bay area highways. interstate 680 was closed in both directions for about four hours after the shooting. here is something you almost never see either. traffic including big rigs making u-turns and using on-ramps to get off the highway. that only created gridlock on surface streets like de ab blow -- diablo road. some had no choice. northbound traffic started clearing by late afternoon, but southbound 680 did not reopen until just before
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7:00. gridlock really all day long in that part of the bay area. now we remind you to say with abc news for continuing coverage of the highway shootout. connect on our facebook page and follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. now to other news. in caw lieu saw county, two wildfires burning near each other have chewed up 1200 acres and are still going. the flames broke out near rumsey canyon. the flames are burning in a remote area, and it has been difficult for firecrews to get to them. they have relied on airdrops so far to ep could the flames from spreading -- to keep the flames from spreading faster than they are. meantime, a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while battling a church fire is showing signs of improvement. frank ryan is awake and talking with family and friends. ryan is still listed in an
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intensive care unit. this is the news a lot of people have been waiting for and hoping for. many of ryan's co-workers have been by his side ever since he collapsed last thursday as crews put out a fire at saint patrick's proto cathedral. up next, opening night at the democratic national convention. the spotlight on the personal lady and her personal stories about the president. abc news political reporter mark matthews is in shark let. charlotte. and the uc davis pepper spraying incident. students and the university come to terms. and a warning about three women and the devious techniques they use to rip off their victims. stay with us. abc news at 11
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and now to the democratic national convention. first lady michelle obama told the nation a perm story of family and -- personal story and one of her husband's dedication. it was the dnc's opening night and mark matthews has the story now from the convention
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arena in charlotte, north carolina. >> in her speech tonight, michelle obama had the opportunity to define the president in her own terms. >> he was still the guy who picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out i could actually see the pavement going by in a hole in the passenger side door. >> she said before the decision about running for the white house she was worried it would change them. >> i had seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> michelle obama said her husband refused to listen to those who told them to leave health carrie form to somebody else. >> he did it because he believes that here in america our grandparents should be able to afford their medicine. our kids should be able to see a doctor when they are sick. he believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our
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bodies and our health care. that's what my husband stands for. >> and in an obvious reference to the republican opponents -- >> because for barak, success is not about how much money you make. it is about the difference you make in people's lives. [applause] >> i think michelle obama? her brilliance really -- michelle obama in her brilliance laid it out. >> it was sincere and so real. you can't help but know it touches everybody. >> she did everything i thought she was going to do. we are fired up and ready to go. a great speech. >> a couple lines stick out. it is not about how much money we make, but the kind of impact we make on each other's lives. hope and opportunity were wound into it all. >> tomorrow night it is former president bill clinton's turn. he will place barack obama's name in nomination in one of the most anticipated speeches
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in the convention. mark matthews, abc muse. >> abc's live coverage from charlotte continues at 7:00 p.m. and a reminder that you can get instant updates from abc7 news political reporter mark matthews, obviously in charlotte by following him on our facebook page. mark is tweeting at matthews at abc7. president obama watched the speech at the white house. he tweeted a picture of himself and his daughters, malia on the left and sasha on the right there in the treaty room. michelle's biggest fans were watching from home. meantime, the republican national candidate mitt romney arrived in vermont. his motorcade ran into rush hour traffic. he is in vermont to prep for the first presidential debate scheduled for october 3rd in denver. tonight a settlement from a federal lawsuit was announced by those pepper sprayed by the campus police and uc davis.
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there were rising tuition costs and you remember these pictures. they claim that their free speech rights were violated at point blank range after refusing to disperse. details of the settlement will not be released until the terms are agreed upon by uc regents and the federal court. tonight police are warning chinatown about those who are ripping people off. she is the mark, and now earlier the suspects convinced her that she had stepped on blood and needed to get rid of evil spirits by having her money and jewelry blessed. the woman got home and got her availables and returned to the women. they switched bags and leaving the woman with an empty one and then told her not to look into it for 30 days. this has happened a number of times, and authorities are rn whatting people that it is a scam. let's turn to the weather forecast. sandhya patel is here. >> and the forecast could be
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interesting. live doppler 7hd is showing you widespread coverage of fog around the coast and around the bay. the only areas not covered in fog are the far inland east bay. concord and livermore. but by morning that could all change. we have our own radar, and this will be tracking any potential development. as we head into wednesday night, thursday, that's when we see the possibility of a computer model perspective of thunderstorms. as they initially develop it could be dry lightning and then wetting rains. how much rain did we really get in the bay area? let's look at rainfall september averages. even though this is a dry month, .21 of an inch. oakland usually gets over .20 and santa rosa .35 of an inch of rain. this will not be all that out of the ordinary if it does develop. temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s across the entire area. pretty comfortable. our highlights, low clouds and fog. clouds and sun tomorrow, and there is a slight chance of
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thunderstorms as we head into your wednesday evening, thursday time period. i will show you. tomorrow morning, give yourself more time as you start off your day and make sure you bundle up if you are sending the kids to school. a cool start, upper 40s to low 50s right around the north bay and coast and bay. inland areas, midto upper 50s. pretty widespread fog in the morning. here is the set up. a weak low-pressure system is developing in the pacific. the counter clockwise rotation around this area of low pressure will draw up moisture from former tropical storm john. now we just have remanence here. what was once iliana, the remanence of these two systems are headed toward the bay area. that is going to mean a new stream of moisture. you can already see it heading into southern california and the humidity will be increasing. watch our computer animation. we start to see some cloud cover in the form of low clouds and fog. even some greens showing up
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wednesday night and going into your thursday. we will go with a slight chance of thunderstorms once again on wednesday night and going into thursday. it could get active around here, but not during the early part of tomorrow. here is the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. it is still going to be warm tomorrow and in the low 90s. today's temperatures fell across the bay area as the marine layer ramped up. but tomorrow they will be in a similar range. 66 san francisco and oakland 72 degrees. san jose 83 and up toward santa rosa and napa 83 degrees and 95 in ukiah. we will see extra high clouds and even midlevel clouds adding to the humidity factor here. the monterey bay panel 64 in monterey and 87 in morgan hill. partly cloudy tomorrow. could be seeing thunderstorms developing. cooler forecast thursday upper 80s. by friday, mid80s inland and mid50s coast side. temperatures in the comfort
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zone for the weekend. and of course, dan, mike niko will be here 4:30 tomorrow morning. if the thunderstorm threat changes he will be tracking it and relaying it to you. >> are you on it as usual. as we continue, a shrub named after san francisco gets some help from the government. find out what that
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shrub, yes there is one, is under protection. it was thought to be extinct until one lone plant was found during the doyle drive renovation project. it is on the grounds of the presidio. the u.s. fish and wildlife service listed the plant as an endangered species and working with conservation partners to make the plant multiply. apple computers sent out press invitations today that pretty much guarantee the much anticipated iphone 5 will debut next week. here is the deal. apple has not formally said the iphone 5 is coming, but check out the news media invitation. it has a few details like the
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date, september 12th. look now at the number 12 how it casts a shadow that resembles a 5. you can put two and two together. in this case we think two and two equals five. >> you don't have to be sherlock holmes to figure that. >> there will be a lot of disappointed media members if this is not the five. >> we should get in line right now. >> what is a giants game without a dramatic come back? they don't exist anymore. the giants come back from a four-run deficit and force extra innings. pablo pumps. sports is next.
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the giants honored martial arts great bruce lee tonight. he said be formless, shapeless like water. be like water, my friend. the giants flowing in come back mode versus arizona. everybody was kung fu fighting. sidekicks and chops. the d-backs connected on violence at the ballpark. the d-backs connected on vogelsong whose great year turned into a lengthy slump. the d-backs billet a 4-1 lead in the fourth. vogelsong to hill and that's gone. arizona up 6-2. vogey allowed six run on 9
12:28 am
hits. brandon belt launches a two-run blast off kennedy. i feel it is kayak time. splash down and it is 6-5. pablo sandoval and shoots one in the opposite field. we are tied at six and pablo pumped. bases loaded for hector sanchez. the inning ending double play. totop 11 and aaron hill and d-backs leading it 8-6 in the 11th. giants threatening with two men on. l.a. lost and the giants' lead will stay at four and a half even if they lose. a's and angels and they are bouncing back from yesterday's loss. they got the jacket. no score until the fifth. a base hit off parker. 1-0 angels. they lead two runs in seven innings. a's get to him in the seventh. brandon moss and this is crushed. his 16th and a's down 2-1. angels adding to their lead in
12:29 am
the eighth. down the line and off sean doolittle. the next batter with a base hit. angels go on to win it and the a's in a sudden slump and drop back into a tie for the al wild card. they were hoping to see if andy roddick could advance. they saw one set of tennis and the skies opened up. they hate it when they get hit by the ball. a smash in the chest. have some. he is not happy playing in the rain. and having to do his own moping. nobody likes that. roddick cross court and the rains came and play was suspended up 1-0 in the first set tiebreaker. on the women's side one match complete. it was the smash and

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